AllWays Health Partners

Provider Portal Registration

  • All Provider Portal users must be associated with at least one AllWays Health Partners provider entity.
  • Users requesting access to multiple provider sites, should register using a primary site (for instance, where you work the most hours) and once the primary registration is approved, the user may request access to additional sites using a single account profile. The designation of a primary site is at the User’s discretion.
  • Upon registration, you must provide the Tax Id Number (TIN) of the provider entity that you are associated with. Provider Portal users cannot register without providing a valid TIN.
  • A User’s registration is subject to the approval of the provider entity’s designated User Administrator. If there is no User Administrator for the site you are associated with OR if you are requesting to be appointed as the User Administrator, your registration is subject to the approval of AllWays Health Partners upon submission of a completed Provider Portal User Administrator Application (pdf document) available via the Provider Portal.
  • Please note that AllWays Health Partners requires that all registered users provide contact information upon registration and update contact information as it changes.

All fields are required.


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For questions about AllWays Health Partners provider portal, you can contact us at or call 1-855-444-4647.